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Dinner, July 30th, 2018 Soup Broccoli and CheddarCup 4.25 Bowl 5.25 Chef Milos’ Mushroom Cup 4.25 Bowl 5.25 Gazpachowith sour cream and croutonsCup 4.25 Bowl 5.25 Tasting of Three Soups 5.75
First Courses

Jonah Crab and Shrimp Cake shrimp sauce, remoulade 9.00 House Smoked Atlantic Salmon
pickled cucumber, field greens 8.75 Malpeque Oysters on the Half Shell 15.50
Crispy Calamari sriracha mayonnaise, pickled peppers, mixed greens 9.50
Lunch, July 30th, 2018
Broccoli and Cheddar Cup 4.25 Bowl 5.25 Chef Milos’ Mushroom Cup 4.25 Bowl 5.25, Gazpacho with sour cream and croutonsCup4.25 Bowl 5.25 Tasting of Three Soups 5.75
Just for Today Fish Broiled Whitefish with Potato Crust white wine sauce, asparagus 14.75 Fish Two Almond Crusted Walleye mustard sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans 14.50 More Fish