Chicken Tortilla Cup 4.25 Bowl 5.25
Chef Milos’ Mushroom Cup 4.25 Bowl 5.25
Gazpacho with sour cream and croutons Cup 4.25 Bowl 5.25
Tasting of Three Soups 5.75

First Courses
shrimp sauce, remoulade 9.00
sriracha mayonnaise, pickled peppers, mixed greens 9.50
Blue Point Oysters on the Half Shell 15.50

House Smoked Atlantic Salmon
pickled cucumber, field greens 8.75
Crispy Pork Belly
habanero honey, zucchini chutney 9.75
cognac sauce, mashed potatoes, crispy onions 9.75

with a honey mustard vinaigrette 5.00
arugula and baby kale, roasted butternut squash, gorgonzola, poached pears, crispy parsnips, quinoa,
smoked almonds, pomegranate, with a buttermilk pear dressing 8.50
Goat Cheese Panna Cotta and Beet Salad
Add to any salad Grilled Chicken Breast 3.50 / Grilled Atlantic Salmon 5.00
Grilled Gulf Shrimp
ratatouille, grilled sourdough 9.50
Steamed Mussels
tomato, cabbage, bacon, onions, basmati 9.50

Main Courses
celeriac puree, caper and raisin relish,
charred frisee, toasted almonds  22.75
roasted corn salsa 23.50

Main Courses
Roast Acorn Squash
sweet potato puree, stuffed with wild rice, lentils, almonds, dried cherries and spinach, shallot coulis 15.50
tomato, garlic and herbs, spinach, basmati 19.75
Pans Seared Monkfish
remoulade, new potatoes, green beans 22.50
Lightly Smoked Poached Atlantic Salmon
artichokes, capers and vermouth sauce, scalloped potatoes, asparagus 23.50
tomato coulis, fingerling potatoes, vegetable 24.25
Lake Perch Sauté
brown butter vinaigrette, wilted spinach with shiitakes, basmati, toasted hazelnuts 24.75
Grilled Swordfish
shrimp cream sauce, tomato, trinity of vegetables, garlic and herbs 26.50
Smoked Roast Range Chicken
herb sauce, brie with fine noodles, roasted vegetables 18.50
supreme sauce, swiss, smoked ham, sautéed potatoes, sunny egg, vegetable 18.75
Roast Indiana Duckling
natural sauce, wild rice with bacon, almonds and lentils,  glazed apples, beet salad 23.50
coarse grain mustard and honey butter sauce, mashed redskin potatoes, roasted carrots, pomegranate 25.50
Guinness Braised Short Rib of Beef
roasted garlic sauce, wild mushroom risotto, buttered snow peas, crispy leeks 28.50
Filet Mignon
Cognac and black peppercorn sauce, mashed redskin potatoes, vegetable, crispy onion 6 oz. 24.50 - 9 oz. 32.50

Featured Wine
Claude Val, White Blend, France, 2015 - 25.00

Warm Chocolate Ganache Cake (please allow 25 minutes for preparation) 9.00

meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.


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